About us

We are sooooooo excciiitteeeeddd!

To be your one and only, Dutch webshop with all your favourite polewear!

With "we", we mean ourselves, Maaike & Mara. We are both colleagues and friends for almost 13 years now. A few years ago we decided to take our first poledance lesson at the Pole Dance Factory Amsterdam. From that day on we were hooked!

We love to poledance and express ourselves in beautiful poledance clothing, but we've noticed that there was no Dutch website which resells all those lovely poledance brands we were interested in.

Therefore we are really excited to have joined forces and started our own Dutch webshop, where we now can sell beautiful, classy and unique poledance items from different brands from all over the world.

We start off small, but the goal ofcourse is to expand more and more. So that we can offer you all your favourite items! We would really love your support!

We hope you will enjoy our selections as much as we do! If you have any questions regarding a product or when you have any requests or suggestions please don’t hesitate to contact us. You can send us an e-mail in Dutch or English to info@flowpolewear.com.

Let’s point out all the benefits of our webshop:

+ Less shipping costs

+ Less waiting

+ Easy communication in Dutch and English

+ Pop up store/fitting at your local poledance studio (contact us for possibilities!)

We won’t keep you any longer

Have a look in our shop!

(In case you were wondering why all content is in English? Since we live in a multicultural society in the Netherlands, we wanted our website to be easy accessible for everyone. That is why we have chosen English as main language, nevertheless you can always contact us in Dutch.)